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Patrol Rifle Course, January 14-15
Jan 14 – Jan 15 all-day


NAVARRO COLLEGE POLICE ACADEMY  This Course meets the 16 hour course #3322 objectives outlined by TCOLE

Cost: $149.00

The Patrol Rifle Course is designed specifically for Peace Officers desiring to deploy or carry the AR15 or similar style weapon in the performance of their duties.

This course includes an informative theory session followed by a progression of live fire drills covering essential fundamentals and skills needed to deal with increasing threats we may encounter. Students will complete a TCOLE qualification and upon returning to your agency, will be fully qualified to carry.

Today Law Enforcement Officers are seeing an increase in violence being directed at law enforcement by illegal groups and criminals that are pouring into and operating in the United States. These groups have tactical training and equipment that we have seldom had to deal with in the past and they are actively looking to engage and defeat law enforcement.

The Patrol Rifle Course #3322 will teach theory as well as practical application in the form of live fire drills that will get you up to speed on the attack/ambush and other violence methodology that has arrived on our door step.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be in an elite group of LE who have learned and understand how to effectively battle this increasing threat, in other words, you will better know your threat and will better be equipped to confront it.

Some topic covered are:

  • Understanding the weapon system and accessories available
  • Ballistics and Battle Field Zero
  • Standard and Un-orthodox shooting positions
  • Static and Dynamic Range Drills
  • 2 Man drills
  • Firing from and around vehicles
  • Close and long range contact
  • Disadvantage Positions

TCOLE Qualification course

Required Equipment:

  • Patrol Rifle
  • Tactical Sling
  • Optic (optional)
  • 3 Magazines
  • 500 Rounds Ammunition
  • Magazine Pouch, Chest Rig or Tac Vest
  • Duty Pistol
  • Duty Belt or similar rig
  • 3 Magazines
  • 100 Rounds Ammunition
  • Drinking Water
  • Lunch/Snacks

This course will be taught by Tim Bulot. Tim has 25 Years experience as a Police Officer in Texas plus 8 years with the Department of State’s Mobil Anti-terrorism Teams. Tim was a team leader and later promoted to Sub-Director of the Anti Kidnapping Initiative in Colombia, South America. Tim completed 7 full tours in Colombia leading a MATT Team, plus time in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and numerous other Latin countries. Tim’s vast experience both in country and overseas gives him a real-world approach to his teachings and also a thorough understanding of today’s ever increasing threats.


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Cost: $149.00

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Make checks payable to: The Bulot Company L.L.C.

SWAT Certification Course #3301
Jan 29 – Feb 2 all-day
SWAT Certification Course #3301 @ Ennis | Texas | United States



12 HOUR DAY — Only $499.00

Instructor:  Tim Bulot

At Weaponsacademy our SWAT Certification Course is not just another check the box course, our goal is to train and prepare Officers for real world high risk situations. This course exceeds requirements and is considered by many to be the most comprehensive package available at this price point.  Many SWAT courses offer no live fire weapons training. We understand that your agency may not have the time or the capacity to conduct specialized weapons training so with this in mind our course includes an intense but very safe weapons training package.   Weaponsacademy has the facility and instructors to conduct live fire room entry.  This training module is in turn followed by a comprehensive live fire interior movement and room combat SWAT team training module conducted in our ballistic shoot house.  The module concludes with student’s executing numerous types of simulated operations against barricaded subjects, wanted persons, high risk welfare checks, hostage rescues, active shooters and terrorist situations.  All of these scenarios could easily unfold in our communities.

As a LEO of over 30 years now and having spent almost a third of those years overseas, I believe in the “overskilled” approach in training personnel beyond a level in which we all hope to never go there.  I am still current and active and everything I teach is based on personal encounters and experiences.  Send your personnel to Weaponsacademy for training and I promise to give them my very best in preparing them for the dangers we face while maintaining the highest professional standard.

This course does not contain physical training however it is very demanding due to the intense nature of training in full gear and moving about the facility for the many different drills and exercises.


  • Tactical Terminology
  • Equipment Orientation
  • Assault Process
  • Operational Planning/Operations Order
  • Command and Control
  • Emergency Medical Actions
  • Arrest and Control
  • Room Entry Tactics
  • Small Unit Movement
  • Diversionary Devices
  • Less Lethal Options
  • Use of Gas Mask
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Mechanical Breaching
  • Movement to Contact/Contact Drills
  • Vehicle Assaults
  • The Police Sharpshooter
  • Numerous Live Fire Exercises, Rifle/Sub Gun/Pistol
  • Low Light/Night Vision Equipment
  • Much More………….


  • Duty Pistol/Rifle
  • 3 Magazines for Each Weapon
  • 600 Rounds Rifle (no green tip)
  • 400 Rounds Pistol
  • Tactical Ballistic Vest with Mag Pouches
  • Drop Leg Holster
  • Helmet
  • Gas Mask
  • Knee/Elbow Pads
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Food/Water for Long Range Days
  • Any Additional Issued Gear
  • We have Loaner Gear! Call if you are missing something on the list.

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Cost: $499.00

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Emergency Care Under Fire, Feb 11 -12
Feb 11 – Feb 12 all-day
Emergency Care Under Fire

2 Days  – 16 Hours

Hours:  0900 – 1700

Cost: $199.00

This dynamic class combines Emergency Casualty Care training with disabled/disadvantage shooting positions.  The course is open to all Law Enforcement, Federal, Military and Security Contractors.  Texas Officers will receive 16 hours TCOLE credit through Navarro College Police Academy.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) is the civilian evolution and application of the military Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines (TCCC). Military units that have trained all of their members in TCCC have documented the lowest incidence of preventable deaths among their casualties in the history of modern warfare. TCCC-based pre-hospital trauma training is now becoming widespread in the US civilian sector as well. TECC is the civilian evolution and application of the military TCCC guidelines. Overall, the principles of TECC are not difficult to teach – the actual medical interventions such as pressure dressings and tourniquets are now commonplace for everyday trauma. What is unique about high threat medical principles is less about what is done medically and more about when it is done, what injuries on focused on, and what can be excluded.

Although the word ‘tactical’ in common use implies law enforcement associated operations, every first responder utilizes ‘tactics’ on every call every day. The word tactical refers to the operational decisions that are made during response.  Every one of these operational decisions has an effect on medical care and the competing priorities of operations and medical care need to be considered in real time. TECC allows you to do just this.

TECC has applications for ALL high risk operations, where there is a real and on-going risk to both the patient and provider. Examples of high risk operations include, but are not limited to:

  • Active shooter response
  • Wilderness medicine
  • Confined space, rope and other technical rescue operations
  • Law enforcement ‘officer down’ response
  • SWAT medical support
  • Response to explosive mass casualty
  • All other mass casualty response

As situations both local and abroad become more intense, Operators must know how to conduct various weapons drills such as loading, combat reloading, clearing malfunctions with either hand, independent of the other hand.  In this course you will link the newly learned TECC skills with disabled/disadvantage shooting situations to prepare for the worse.  We will put you “in the fight” and teach you to work through various life or death situations.

Required service pistol is the minimum but highly recommend you attend with pistol, rifle and shotgun plus all of your duty gear, train as you fight.


  • Pistol, duty belt with three magazines, 150 rds
  • Rifle, patrol or tactical with sling, magazine pouches, three magazines and 100 rounds
  • Shotgun, as you carry for duty plus 50 rounds bird shot.
  • Duty or Tactical gear, vest, chest rig or go bag, as required for duty
  • Food and water for two training days, BRING LUNCH!
  • We have loaner shotguns if needed, just buy ammo
  • Medical equipment provided for training but feel free to bring your IFAK or trauma kit

2 Days  – 16 Hours

Hours:  0900 – 1700

Cost: $199.00

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Mechanical, Thermal, Power Tool & Ballistic Breaching Course
Mar 13 – Mar 15 all-day
Mechanical, Thermal, Power Tool & Ballistic Breaching Course

Mechanical, Thermal, Power Tool & Ballistic Breaching Course

Enroll Online

Duration: 3 days
Cost: $875
Students: 20 Maximum
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agencies

The aim of this 3 day course is to introduce the student to operationally proven drills and procedures that pertain to the use of mechanical, ballistic, thermal, and cutting means in order to effectively breach doors, windows and soft wall targets.

On the successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary skills to accurately perform a target analysis and select the most suitable tool to gain access into the stronghold.

Course content includes:

  • History and theory of non-explosive methods of entry
  • Mechanical breaching of pull and push doors
  • Mechanical breaching of windows
  • Defeating barricaded doors
  • Negotiating and defeating fences and obstacles
  • Ballistic breaching
  • Thermal breaching (BROCO and Osen Hunter torches)
  • Quickie saw and chainsaw breaching
  • All tactics to include approach, negotiating obstacles, and actions at the breach point
  • Scenario based training

Equipment Requirements:

  • Range training uniform (long sleeve)
  • Nomex gloves
  • Body armor with Molle attachments (no armor plates)
  • Tactical belt
  • Ear protection
  • Eye Protection: Clear lens safety wrap-around style glasses
  • Helmet
  • Weapon (rifle or pistol – no ammo, blue gun is acceptable)

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Mar 18 – Mar 22 all-day


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Duration: 5 days
Cost: $1450
Students: 8 Min – 24 Max
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agencies

The aim of this 5 day course is to introduce the student to time tested and operationally proven drills and procedures in order to establish or further enhance an existing explosive breaching program within their unit or department.

This course has been designed for non EOD Technicians who have little to no experience in the recognition and safe handling of explosive compounds. Day one will be devoted to the theory and handling of explosives with days two-five focusing on explosive breaching techniques.

Course content includes:

  • Explosive storage and transportation regulations ATF -DOT
  • Theory of explosives and explosions
  • Explosive safety
  • Explosive accessories
  • Recognition of low and high explosive compounds
  • Preparation and firing of charges using non-electric fuse and shock tube initiated blasting caps
  • Misfired charge procedures
  • History and theory of explosive breaching
  • Critical safety issues – calculating net explosive weight, safe stacking distance, and internal overpressure
  • Breaching report documentation
  • Breaching wood and metal doors
  • Breaching windows
  • Defeating barricaded doors
  • Introduction to internal door charges
  • Introduction to charge placement drills
  • Reacting to a misfired charge
  • Multiple breach points
  • Developing standard operating procedures
  • Target analysis
  • Breacher’s brief back format
  • Breacher’s operational data aide memoir
  • Cover port breaching on dry walls

On successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary skills to safely and confidently employ explosive breaching charges in support of special operation missions.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Ear protection
  • Eye Protection: Clear lens safety wrap-around style glasses
  • Range training uniform (long sleeve)
  • Nomex gloves (recommended)
  • Ballistic protection – soft armor or plate carrier with plates
  • Helmet
  • Handgun or carbine (no ammo, blue gun is acceptable)
  • Flash Drive up to 8GB (course breach reports, photos, videos and SOPs)

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High Risk Patrol Tactics Course, March 25 -26
Mar 25 – Mar 26 all-day

High Risk Patrol Tactics –



COST $189.oo 


Officers are being ambushed at an increasing rate while responding to routine calls. The time is now upon us , ALL Officers who respond to Calls for Service MUST be tactically trained. The HIGH RISK PATROL TACTICS Course is our newest course designed just for this reason. I’ve compiled the best of my 30 plus years into this 20 hour course with the intention of teaching the Officer as much tactical information possible over two days. These are not watered down active shooter only tactics based around a single situation. The tactics taught in this course apply to any and ALL situations Officers face, rural or urban environments. At $189.00 you will not find a better package taught by a more experienced instructor. Some of the topics taught include:

  • How to Properly Set Up a Plate Carrier
  • Understanding Categories of Attack
  • Important Survival Considerations
  • Aspects of Stress Response
  • Close Range Encounters, Live Fire with Pistol and Rifle
  • Firing from Disabled and Disadvantage Positions
  • Individual and Small Team Movement (1-3 Officers)
  • Exterior Movement, Vehicle to Hard Cover
  • Exterior Movement, Hard cover to Vehicle
  • Interior Movement, Live Fire Shoot House, 1, 2 and 3 man Tactics
  • Vehicle Hard Points, Long Range Encounters
  • The Approach and Contact Phases of the CFS
  • Vehicle Approach on High Risk Calls
  • Vehicle and Officer Down Scenarios
  • Equipment and Vehicle Usage
  • Training/Working in Daylight and in Darkness

Much More……

I have always taught and to this day believe it is on the individual Officer to see to it that they have the best training possible. Most Departments are overwhelmed and burdened with scheduling and providing the many mandated course required these days. NONE of these have anything to do with Officer survival. It is for this reason that I keep my price VERY REASONABLY and anyone who has taken one of my course will tell you that I give you my 100%, every course I teach! You will work hard in this class any you will leave with fresh knowledge and more familiar with tactics that you will be able to employ on your very next shift, should the need arise. We all want to go home every day to our families I have committed myself to training as many Officers as possible so that we all go home!


  • (Optional)  Plate carrier/Swat gear/Chest rig
  • Duty belt and holster
  • Duty pistol, 3 magazines, 400 rounds
  • Duty Rifle, 3 magazines, 400 rounds
  • Weapon mountable lights
  • Handheld light
  • Mag pouches for rifle/pistol
  • Tac sling for rifle
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Food and water for long range days
  • Duty ballistic vest (if not using plate carrier)

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